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Water long, deep and not too often. Roots will grow toward water, so soak the ground well so roots grown strongly downwards. Short, infrequent watering leaves water near the soil surface, leading roots to curl up and leaving you with shallow-rooted, heat-vulnerable plants.

Open Garden Week

This annual, free-of-charge  event, which marked its 25th anniversary in 2017, sees garden owners throw open their garden gates to any and all visitors on days at at times they choose during Open Garden Week. Listings are published in The Hamilon Spectator a few days before the event. All visitors have to do is show up and enjoy

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Garden clubs, hort societies, client appreciation events and more

Nine Things I Learned in Other People's Gardens

The Buffalo You Don't Know: Garden Walk

Over 'ome: Lessons from Gardens of the British Isles

Live from Lotusland: The Gardens of Vancouver and Victoria

Finding Paradise: Why We Garden


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Canadian Gardening magazine (Ontario regional columnist 2010-2012)

GardenMaking magazine

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