Garden tip of the day

You loved your tulips in your garden LAST year but were disappointed that you didn’t get much of a show this year. Don’t blame yourself: You didn’t do anything wrong. … Continue Reading →

Beautiful "downtown" Banff. Hard to beat the view...

On our way west!

We’re off to see gardens in B.C., with stops along the way in Calgary, Banff and on board the Rocky Mountaineer. An  intrepid group of 22 (including me and my … Continue Reading →

Visitors in my garden during Open Garden Week 2014

My first Real Gardening post.

Well, here we go. My first real post (there’s been some junk and dummy text up while I got this blog up and running). Some updates: Hamilton Spectator Open Garden … Continue Reading →


Feed the soil, not the plants

  • By Rob Howard
  • May 20, 2015
  • Comments Off on Feed the soil, not the plants

If I’ve  learned one lesson about having a flower garden, it’s about feeding the plants. The penny finally dropped when I was admiring some marvelous hanging baskets that were simply … Continue Reading →